Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: A Very Moving Post

Thirteen Things I Dread About Moving:

1. All this paperwork!
2. Changing utilities, and trying to time everything so nothing gets cut off too soon here and too late there.
4. Trying to change our address on SOOOOO many things.
5. Needing something that's already been packed - I just know it's going to happen.
6. Trying to move my cantankerous old cat who hates to ride in her cage. And she probably will be very miffed about being moved to a new place, too.
7. The actual physical move, all that back and forth, toting boxes and things. URGH.
8. Being without my internet for even in a day.
9. The unexpected costs; I hope there aren't too many!
10. Having to leave all my friends here.
11. Having to try and make it through our farewell party without collapsing into a blubbering heap of gooey wetness.
12. Having to learn a whole new city.
13. Dealing with all the little "transfers" that will crop up over the next year or so - car tags, voting registration, library cards, etc.

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Holly said...

I am SO with you. I've moved 3 times in 3 years and hated every last second of it.

Don't forget to change the address on your car insurance. I forgot the 1st time I moved and just realized it about a month before I moved for the 3rd time. I changed to the second address and then had to change to the 3rd a month later...and then I switched insurance companies which made all the switching obsolete anyway. Very frustrating.

Oh, and the best part? I actually got a discount for living at the second address. That means had I remembered in the first place, my premium would have been $150 less a year for over a year. Ugh.

Ok, sorry, but you got me all heated up. haha

Happy TT!

One Scrappy Gal said...

We are in the Navy and move A LOT so I can sympathize. Moving is the pits!

Robin said...

Moving is so stressful. I hope things go smoothly for you.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Blech! Yech! I hate moving!!! May all your boxes be light and easily manageable adn may you find many wonderful things you thought you lost on your last move!

FRIGGA said...

I'm with you, I hate moving. But I'm not too fond of change in general...
Happy TT13 - mines up at

jeanjeanie said...

Bleah. I hate moving, although I'm hoping to do so soon. We're trying to get a head start on going through our stuff to weed out the junk before we pack, hoping that will make things a bit easier. But it's never fun.

Chris said...

Good luck with the move. I hate moving as well.

Carolan Ivey said...

We just moved last year, and I'm feelin' your pain. :) Hang in there! This too shall pass.

dawn said...

Good Luck on the move -- I haven't moved in over 20 years so I don't know how I would cope if I had to move. It pains me just hearing about it - I think it would take me 6 months
Great TT

~~R~~ said...

UGH I hate moving especially the packing & unpacking but the perk is finding all the great stuff in your new city and making new friends you may end up meeting someone you wouldn't have had you not moved