Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Mystery of Boys

I have to admit it - boys are a complete mystery to me. Men, now men I kind of get. They've grown up and they're my age, approximately, and grown-ups in general haven't befuddle me much. Boys are a whole 'nuther world. They're stinky and like to gross each other out, they roughhouse and their minds are blathering on about who knows what.

Which makes the fact that I have an almost-teenager a rather terrifying fact. And now that I'm seeing teenage boyhood up close and personal, I'm noticing three interesting facts:

~ The seeming inability to sit up straight unless threatened with The Look, and even then there is as much slouching going on as he thinks he can get away with.

~ The seeming loss of ability to tie shoes properly anymore. I admit, shoe-tying was a tricky battle for him. Fine motor skills like that don't always come easily to him, so bows in shoelaces were a long time in coming. So why has he apparently regressed? Half the time we go out somewhere, I look down at some point and one shoe or the other is untied. And he doesn't care. Shudder.

~ The seeming inability to detect the fact that he smells like a ripe gorilla. How can someone be standing in that cloud and not know it? He's clean, but good gravy, the boy smell that is rampant and ripe! (Being married, let me just say that I am thankful to God that this stage doesn't last forever, at least not for most men.)

I do look forward to the coming years as my boy matures and grows in God, school and life. But how he will do so and the thoughts he will be thinking during these coming years is such a mystery to me. But then, I do love a good mystery.... almost as much as I love him. :-)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interwebby pet peeves

Okay, here's one of my big pet peeves on the internet: requiring complicated passwords on ordinary websites. On financial websites, sure. Ebay, okay. Something else that might attract a large audience, and thusly, more hackers, maybe. But on an everyday website? Pish. I just signed up at a homeschool curriculum site that required not only a number in the password, but at least one capital letter as well! Oooo, someone might hack into my account and buy stuff in my name there, how terrible!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Where can you find me now?

I'm back to a new homeschooling adventure - NotebookLearning.com Notebooking, or journaling, is a great way to homeschool, and I'm having a blast designing new pages every day. I decided to open up my own blog to give these away for FREE - every day! I try to have at least one new page every weekday, and sometimes I even manage to post on the weekends as well. Many of my pages are designed for a wide range of ages - I'll design them with half-inch primary paper, three-quarter inch primary paper, one inch primary paper, then a standard wide rule page as well.

I hope that you will come visit and let me know if you enjoy my pages!