Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's ours! Sort of....

The home we are wanting to buy has been cleared to be sold to us. Now I've just got to go through all this headache-inducing paperwork and do a ton of praying that we get approved. I think we should, but with our credit history I always worry. Things are SO much better for us now that Westley has a great job, but he's only been there 3 months, not much time to establish just how good we can be at paying our bills, finally. On the plus side, the home we're buying is only half the cost of our current home, so our mortgage will be low, so that should be in our favor since that means an even smaller debt-to-income ratio when they look at what we're trying to get approved.

I've never done the home-buying thing before. DH bought this current house from his brother when his brother needed to move suddenly, and actually originally bought it with a signature loan using his Dad's CDs as collateral, instead of a mortgage. We later turned that into a regular mortgage, and have re-fi'ed once since that time. But neither of us have been through the selling and buying process from scratch, so we feel like ducks out of water.

I absolutely DREAD the next few weeks!

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