Friday, August 10, 2007

Frugal Friday - learn where the clearance spots are at

One thing I love about my favorite store, Target, is that they have dependable clearance spots. There are certain spots in every department where you will always find 1-3 end caps of clearance items. After a few trips there, I learned where they are all at, so now when I go, I have a certain route that I take through the store that takes me past most of the clearance end caps. If I'm looking for a particular item, I know exactly where to go first to look for a deal, then I can search the rest of the department if needed.

I don't go to Kohl's very much, but they do pretty much the same thing, so the clearance items are easy to find. Good tags for the sections help, too. I found several great items for an upcoming family reunion and for my new home today.

Don't forget to check Crystal's blog for more Frugal Friday goodness! Don't forget to click HERE for a chance at 50 - 60 Box Tops For Education that I'm giving away this week, too!


Laane said...

It's the same here.
Works fine.

What Works For Us said...

I agree. The best deals are always not in the main aisles! Target especially - like you mentioned!