Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Preventing Pee Puddles

Shannon's post a couple of weeks ago about Febreze behind the toilet reminded me of a tip that I wanted to pass along - and then I promptly forgot about it. But, I finally remembered it!

I have two guys in the house. One manages to do mostly okay, but the other misses to the side a lot. The side where the garbage can sits. This can get QUITE messy, as you can imagine, with, um, "stuff" puddling under the edges of the can.

My solution is to place one folded section of newspaper under the can. This soaks up all the drips, and I can just change it out - carefully, of course! - every few days. Then I don't have stuff dried into the floor. Cleanup of the floor is much easier.

That's my tip for this week! Be sure to check out Shannon's blog for more GREAT tips this week!


Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

That sounds like it would be very helpful in the kids bathroom here! LOL

Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

If your guys are old enough (sorry, just found your blog), give this a try: tell them that if you find any pee on our outside of the toilet they have to clean up the mess. If you know who it is for sure, that person cleans it up. If you don't know who did it, all possible culprits clean the toilet, one after the other. This not only worked wonders on my 2 boys, it even worked for my nephews when they spent the night!