Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anybody know where to get a pith helmet for cheap?

Machetes I've got. I need the safari helmet to protect my head. I am cleaning out Harry's bedroom.

He's nearly 12. Need I say much more?

He's obsessed with computers, and has far too many friends, including HIS DADDY, who are co-conspirators and enablers. :-D He also inherited the packrat gene that runs throughout the whole family. Getting rid of stuff is next to impossible for him. Therefore, I'm going to do it for him - because he's gone and can't say a word about it! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........

Two years ago, I cleaned his room and moved Hermione out of the room. One thing I did was box up all the building blocks and alphabet blocks, plus all the many toy tools he'd owned for years. I gave them all to friends with a three year old son. At the time, he was nearly 9 and Hermione was nearly 7; they had both long since outgrown all of them but wouldn't get rid of them.

TWO MONTHS LATER, neither of them had noticed. I only told them after two months because we were going to the home where I had sent the toys and didn't want them to discover them by accident, thus precipitating a meltdown.

I seriously wonder if they would have EVER missed them if I hadn't owned up to it, LOL.

I wonder how much I can get away with this time........


Gayle said...

Hey girlie! Thanks for stopping by my blog...it looks like we have a ton in common! :)
My almost 11 year old son doesn't get rid of anything on his own either. Come to think of it, none of my kids do. :(

Angela, MotherCrone said...

I am notorious for doing this when they go to camp or away for a long weekend with Scouts. Bags and bags to Thrift,and nothing has ever been missed. They are so excited to be able to close their closets that they don't notice. The only thing I did save was picture books packed in a crate, and NatureGirl just started looking for them this year to take when she babysits. Great blog!

SAHMmy Says said...

I hope I don't have to wait until my son is 9 before the Great Purge! He's three now and I haven't managed to sneak out so much as a McDonald's toy! I thought your son's name was actually Harry until I saw that his sister is Hermione! Too cute!