Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Look Forward To About Moving

Last week's post was a bit of a downer, so this week is upbeat and positive!

  1. I look forward to my husband getting to be home more because he's not having to make a long commute every day. He might even get to come home for lunch because we'll be living so close to his office!
  2. More space at home! The new place won't be a lot bigger, but a little bit. And every bit helps.
  3. We're moving to a beautiful part of the state that's not so citi-fied like where we're at now.
  4. We'll be living in a college town, and I'm hoping that will present lots of opportunities for us for field trips, etc. since we homeschool.
  5. A chance to make new friends!
  6. Good water pressure! You cannot imagine what it's like to live for 12 1/2 years with bad water pressure. And no dishwasher. I'm going to have a dishwasher, too!
  7. Hopefully, a bigger church family. We're still not entirely sure where we'll end up, but it will probably be the larger of the two we're looking at. I hope so, because I want lots of opportunities for all of us to grow in the Lord with good Christian friends.
  8. A garden tub - the master bath has this lovely, DEEP tub in it that will be perfect for soaking when I'm tired or sore.
  9. Less crime - our current neighborhood is getting downright scary. Our new neighborhood has lots of patrols (some police actually live there, too) and pretty much zero crime.
  10. Living closer to my home state - we'll actually be only about 1/2 hour away from the border, I can "go home" any time I want.
  11. Two bathtubs (one tub only, one tub/shower) + one shower = faster bath and bed times. Hopefully.
  12. A real room for Hermione, even if it is small. Her current room is really just a re-purposed space with no actual door.
  13. Even cooling and heating - we currently have a floor furnace for heat and window units for air. Which means that large parts of the house are either freezing or burning up most of the year. We'll finally have central heat and air!

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damozel said...

Moving is so stressful while it's happening, isn't it? But in the end it all turns out to be so worthwhile.

I've lived in a college town for 18 years and I wouldn't live anywhere else. There is ALWAYS something going on here: music recitals, theater, lectures and other events, festivals. I can't think of a better sort of place to bring up a child---good luck to you!

PS. LOVE the blog name. It's the pressure we all feel...

kailani said...

I think moving is so exciting. It's like having a brand new start!

Anonymous said...

i really like moving in many aspects. But those few pains in the butt parts of it really knock you to the wall!

Happy TT!

Lori said...

I cant stand to move because there is always more stuff than you started out with. Good luck on your new start:) Happy TT.

Books, Computers & Puppets, Oh My! said...

I loved living in a college town. And yeah for dishwashers!