Monday, July 16, 2007

Will and Zora, sittin' in a tree....

In our family, my husband seems to be the matchmaker.

In college, he introduced his brother to the lady he eventually married. A couple of months ago, he introduced a longtime friend to a former co-worker, and now they're married!

Will is a college friend of my husband's, and manages the car washes for a local chain of gas stations. Poor guy was desperate for a responsible, reliable morning opener for the car wash and asked Westley if he knew of anyone. Zora is a former co-worker who was in need of a second job to help pay off a hospital bill. So, all innocence abounding, he hooked them up.

Next thing we knew, Will comes in and tells Westley, "I'm mad at you. It's all your fault!" Because, you know, you always get mad at the guy who introduced you to the woman you are now madly in love with. LOL

And now, just a few short weeks later, they are husband and wife. They had a sweet little ceremony at her preacher's home and they are officially hitched.

Not that the ceremony didn't go off without a hitch. I get the feeling that the preacher is one of those "smiles and light" people hiding a very domineering personality. He decided where they would stand and who would do what - he had them standing on the wrong side of each other, y'all! I am by no means a Ms. Society Pages, but I was just dyin' inside.

Ultimately, though, it doesn't really matter, does it? They are well and truly married, and madly in love. A new life has begun, and it doesn't really matter if boo-boos were made in the ceremony.

Mazel Tov, Will and Zora!


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