Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Modesty Rant

On Sunday, I swung by the nearby Walmart to get a Sunday paper. I wouldn't bother with Walmart except for the fact that they have the Sunday paper for 99 cents rather than the $1.50 that it costs everywhere else. I decided to look around for a few minutes, pick up something for dinner, etc. While wandering around, I saw a girl and her mom shopping together, and my eyes nearly popped out. This girl, who was probably no more than 7 years old (maybe a tiny 8) was walking around - IN PUBLIC - in her swimsuit. Not a one piece bathing suit, oh no. This was a two piece - a tank/halter type top and a standard, panty-style bottom. NO COVER-UP. Just walking around in her swim clothes. And the bottom was riding up a little bit, oh joy.

I admit, I do not believe in even going to the pool or the beach in swim clothes, but even I know that people do that and you're not going to stop folks anytime soon. But in what reality do these people live that they think it's even remotely okay for a girl to be walking around in her swimsuit out in the general public?! Y'all, a swimsuit is nothing more than walking around in your underwear, especially when it's a two-piece. Would this mother ever dream of allowing her daughter to go out in a tank top and her Barbie panties? I think not. Would Mom go out in her bikini like that? I think not.

I just do not understand the current culture of "I can do whatever I want, but don't you dare look at me in a provocative manner" that so pervades America today. Where is the sense of pride of self that prevents you from being so brazen? Where is the sense of even general modesty that people used to have even if they weren't religious?

I can just see this mom a few years from now, worrying over the possibility that her "little girl" might come home pregnant one day because she knows how provocatively she allows her to dress. Just think how much smaller that worry would be if she taught her daughter starting now that some things just aren't done, and that a lady covers up!

Sigh. I feel so badly for the young women of America today. All I can do is do my part, raising my children right. But some days, that just doesn't feel like enough


KatieBug (ksl) said...

I agree! What people allow little girls to walk around in is crazy! Tiny short with "juicey" wtitten on the bum? WHY?? The LAST thing I want is peoples attention on my baby's bum!!!

Anonymous said...

"I admit, I do not believe in even going to the pool or the beach in swim clothes",
Not to disagree mind you, but....
Well then, what is a swimsuit for?
What may I ask do you wear to swim?

InsertWittyBlogHere said...

We just don't swim, at least not in mixed company. :-D Since swimming needs swim clothes, we don't swim if it's going to be mixed genders. (Which would explain why none of our family happens to know how to swim, LOL.)

I wouldn't see anything wrong with swim clothes if the group is all girls or all boys, but even then I would prefer to be as modest as possible.

Thanks for asking! :-)