Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Repurposed Potatoes

On Saturday, I cooked a roast, complete with potatoes in the pot. I had 6 half potatoes left over, which I had saved. Last night, we were having pork chops, and I wanted to do something with those potatoes.

First, I microwaved 2 smallish extra potatoes to make sure we had enough. After that, I warmed up the other potatoes. I dumped all of the cooked potatoes into a big bowl, added about a 1/2 stick of butter, and some milk, and started mashing. I took the skins off the microwaved potatoes, but left on the skins from the previously cooked ones.

I had to microwave a little more after doing some of the mashing, then, I had to break out the hand mixer instead of the masher, so as to break up the skins more, and create a finer mash. I also had to add more milk at one point.

Don't forget to taste test! Since the half potatoes had a lot of flavor and seasoning after cooking with the roast, the mashed potatoes didn't need much. A little salt, some pepper, and I also threw in some parsley. Come to think of it, I should have added some garlic - that would have been yummy!

These never did get totally smooth - it wasn't just the skin pieces left in, but also some lumps that just would not work out - so these were "rough" mashed, I guess. But they were SO, SO, SO yummy and good!

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