Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interwebby pet peeves

Okay, here's one of my big pet peeves on the internet: requiring complicated passwords on ordinary websites. On financial websites, sure. Ebay, okay. Something else that might attract a large audience, and thusly, more hackers, maybe. But on an everyday website? Pish. I just signed up at a homeschool curriculum site that required not only a number in the password, but at least one capital letter as well! Oooo, someone might hack into my account and buy stuff in my name there, how terrible!


Saph said...

I find it annoying that some sites require you to sign up for an account just to read their news articles.

Melanie said...

Hi! Funny to get your comment. What a coincidence hey? Sean is a great name! As of course, is Melanie :) I will keep checking back now!!!