Thursday, September 6, 2007

Give me some advice and maybe win a contest!

Okay, we're hopefully coming down to the wire on moving soon. I need some advice! The general move should be okay, but I'm concerned about two things: having the basic necessities on-hand and eating well in the days around the move, without having to cook. So, a contest!

What do you have to do? Two things:

1. Leave a comment in the comment section giving advice on at least one of my questions; AND

2. Please make a post on your own blog, pointing others to this contest.

That's all! So, here are my two questions:

1. Of course, we'll be packing a suitcase for each of us with a few basic changes of clothes and some toiletries. But I also want to pack a box with things we'll need when we move in and don't want to have to dig out. Like - a set of sheets for each bed, towels and washcloths, toilet paper, soap, a shower curtain. What else do I need to have set aside for those first few days so that I don't have to either go buy something new (when I already own it, it's just packed), or lose my mind trying to find it in the boxes?

2. The last couple of days before the move, I don't want to cook because I want to be able to get everything packed and not have dirty dishes to deal with. Same for the first couple of days when everything's going to be a mess, plus we'll all be tired. I need some good ideas for stocking up on non-perishable food that doesn't need to be cooked, is filling, and is at least somewhat healthy. I have some Boost drinks stashed for some extra nutrition, so that will help. Some fruit will be good, but I don't want to have too much to have to deal with moving it. Give me your best ideas on good eats that won't break the bank and won't leave us with rickets and scurvy!

So - hit me with your best shot! Contest will run from now until next Friday, the 14th, at 4:00 Central time. What will you win? Hmmm.... how about a $5 Amazon gift certificate!

Thanks, y'all!


A Dusty Frame said...

I read a great tip once;)

Have a night time box for your 1st night with jammies, nightlights, sheets, medicines, tp, towels, bath things. Etc. whatever you need at night.

Then have one for morning.
With an outfit for everyone,
coffee pot;), mugs, bowls, spoons, box of cereal and powdered milk--something to mix it in, vitamins, face wash, etc.

I thought that was terrific and of course I haven't moved since;0

Hmm somewhat healthy food,

Granola bars, jar of peanut butter and wheat crackers?
Apples, raisins, nuts, I don't know...


Milehimama said...

Well, you'll want a bath mat or extra towel.

Broom and dustpan - or at least a handbroom. There will be spills, especially if you are eating without a table!

Nightlight for unfamiliar hallways.

Lightbulbs, and possibly a lamp if the rooms do not have overhead lighting.

Paper towels. And more paper towels. Multipurpose spray cleaner (especially to wash away other people's dirt! And wipe down shelves, counters, etc.)

Hand soap, dishwashing liquid, dishrack (or dishwasher detergent if you have a dishwasher.) Kitchen towel.

Can opener. Salt and pepper. Whatever you use in your kitchen every single day.

Garbage bags. Work or garden gloves for heavy chores, moving boxes etc.


Telephone, alarm clock

Local Phone book (unless you already have internet access hooked up.)

Basic pain reliever, allergy meds, etc.; bandaids or small first aid kit.

Tweezers (for splinters, not for grooming LOL!) Fingernail clippers for hangnails which you will get unpacking and which will drive you nuts.

Ice cube trays

Notebook and pen - you'll be making lots of lists of stuff you need, things to do, phone numbers, etc.

Something for the kids to do - at least a package of sidewalk chalk - so they are not finding their own trouble!

I'd pack it in a laundry basket, so you have somewhere to throw the dirty clothes when you're done wearing them for the day.

As for non-perishable meals that require no dishwashing (assuming you have disposable dishware)
cold cereal and milk (milk doesn't last long enough in our house to go bad!)

Tuna kits, or start stocking up on mayonnaise packets from the deli, etc. to use with canned tuna, crackers.

PB and crackers, PB sandwiches. My kids like "Banana dogs" - hot dog bun spread with peanut butter, with a banana instead of meat.


Easy Mac (Annie's Organics makes a healthier version, now, too!)

Dollar Tree has lots of varieties of dried fruit and nuts (Wasabi cashews, pineapple, peanuts, apricots...lots of selection) for snacks.

I'd make some cereal bars ahead of time (homemade is more nutritious) or buy some good granola bars (that actually have fiber, fruit, etc.)
Here's the recipe I use to make mine, but I use 1/2 c. butter, 1/2 c. peanut butter, and add in Craisins, almonds, lots of fruit.

We like minibagels too. If you don't want to refrigerate cream cheese spread, Nutella is a nice treat for the kids!

5atkins said...

I would start a list in each room of things you use every day. Tape it to the wall so it won't get lost. These will be the items you want to pack in boxes that will be easily accessible! I also love the tip about using laundry baskets to carry these items. You can see what is in there and you can immediately store the dirty clothes!

If possible pack all the immediately needed items in a separate area of your vehicles. For example when we moved we put most of the items which we needed at every meal in our van along with 3 sets of extra clothes for each person. Then we packed the things we would need when we got there first in the moving truck. We knew we were going to unpack it all the first day we arrived. So after stopping by the storage area (we were moving into furnished home temporarily) all the things we still needed were at the end of unloading the truck. If you are going to unpack everything immediately at the house it would be best to have the necessary boxes at the end of the unloading so that unnecessary boxes are stacked in front when you unload. Also put the large furniture that you need to set up last when loading - so you can set them up before cluttering rooms with boxes that will be in the way.

Will you be far from a pizza delivery? I would try to find coupons for the closest one for at least one meal. We all need a hot meal every few days! :)

Also if friends from either old home or new home ask what they can do for you to help, mention the food issue. I know I would be happy to cook food for a friend and bring it to there house so they don't have to stop packing to cook! :)
I don't really have any other food ideas than what was previously mentioned!

Praying for you to have a smooth move!

In Him, Eva Atkins